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by Natalie Mouradian on 07/25/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Independent brand design agency Design Bridge are pleased to share details of the new packaging they’ve created for Wind Flower Snow Moon: a premium, regional beer brewed in the heart of the Yunnan province in South West China. Yunnan is an area of breathtaking, varied landscapes and rich artistic heritage and Design Bridge have delicately woven all of these stories into the new design using beautiful illustration and calligraphy.

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John Hughes, Creative Director at Design Bridge, commented: “The name Wind Flower Snow Moon has an intriguing double meaning. Firstly, it’s a classic, poetic Chinese idiom that has particular resonance with the natural landscape and culture in Yunnan. Secondly, in modern Chinese slang it's used to describe a man who’s a bit of a carefree ‘Casanova’. We’ve combined these different ideas of romance and poetry to create a design that’s rich with meaning and captures the spirit of the Yunnan province.”

The illustration on the front of the packaging references traditional Chinese watercolour paintings and incorporates delicate snowflakes, abundant flower blossoms and wisps of wind within the silhouette of a full moon. Inspiration was taken from Yunnan’s snow-capped mountains, its highlands blossoming with azaleas, and the beautiful reflection of the full moon on the Erhai Lake. Meanwhile, a young lady’s face is hidden among the branches of the trees, a mysterious reference to the romantic Casanova interpretation of the brand name.

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For the new wordmark, Design Bridge collaborated with a calligraphy master from the Yunnan Province, Mr Sun, whose rhythmic brush-strokes bring an added air of authenticity and artistry to the design. Meanwhile, the rich indigo blues used in the illustration refer to the traditional colours of the region, known for its natural indigo dying processes, and golden inks speak to the beer's premium positioning and reference the warm, golden hue of the liquid.

Van Lai, Marketing Director at Wind Flower Snow Moon, commented: “Wind Flower Snow Moon is deeply rooted in the heritage of the Yunnan Province and we wanted our branding and packaging to better reflect this important connection. Design Bridge have really succeeded in bringing the spirit of the region and the essence of the brand out in the new design, making Wind Flower Snow Moon a true celebration of local culture."

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Designed By: Design BridgeLocation: Singapore


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