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SPRICE Is the Refreshing Ice Treat You Need For Summer

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/22/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Amsterdam-based agency MAS designed the packaging for SPRICE, a new line of natural ice treats that bring a fun and fresh approach to popsicle packaging.

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“Ice and vegetables? A downright feast! This summer, &samhoud will be introducing 100% natural ice, brimming with organic fruit and greens and topped off with a whiff of honey. There are two variants: orange & carrot and cucumber & lime with fresh-wrapping by branding & packaging agency MAS.  Named SPRICE, these new ice products can be found in the refrigerated section of supermarkets. SPRICE packings were given a fresh & cheerful ring by providing elements that convey the characteristic &samhoud food style. For the to-go packing it was opted for a rectangular box instead of a plastic flowpack, making it surprising as well as distinctive – just like the ice inside. The box moreover allows sufficient room to indicate the product details in a fresh, inviting way in the form of illustrations. The ice portrayed on the lid is a true-to-life picture. In short: What you see is what you get.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“A multipack was developed especially for retail purposes. The 4-pack depicts the &samhoud philosophy in a welcoming and persuasive way. Also, it is crammed with fun did-you-knows and good-to-knows.  &samhoud food has a vision: together we build a brighter future. Through its product line – ranging from meat substitutes to fresh meals – the brand aims to seduce consumers towards eating more vegetables and making sounder choices that are more sustainable on top.  MAS developed this project in cooperation with freelance design artist Bart Nagel of Now Even Better.” 

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Designed By: MAS

Location: Amsterdam

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