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Rocky Mtn: Chocolate Bars Have Never Looked So Good

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/20/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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Get that sweet tooth ready. Rocky Mtn Chocolate Bar Collections has a delightful lineup of distinct and energetic packaging, designed by San Diego’s Wedge & Lever.


“Working directly with the master chocolatiers at Rocky is always a pleasure. One might liken it to an all-access pass to Willy Wonka’s personal kitchen. When Rocky tasked us with developing small-batch chocolate bars with big impact, we knew the flavors and packaging needed to boldly differentiate from the competition to establish them as innovators within the category. For each collection that we curate, an intense tasting process ensues (naturally), making the experience one of our favorites.”

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“We’ve all had that uncontrollable desire for a specific flavor combo that’s seemingly more powerful than hunger itself. We present the ‘Classic Cravings’ collection—a bold celebration of the most coveted combinations known to mankind. Starting with the ever-popular “Cookie Crumbles” bar, we paired delectable cookie chunks with smooth milk chocolate made from fresh crème. The ‘Bee’s Knees’ bar uses organic honeycomb that’s hand-picked from local beekeepers and the ‘Kringle Krunch’ infuses crushed Middle Eastern peppermint with dark chocolate to quench even the strongest of cravings.”

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“We created a line of meal-replacement bars inspired by the most important meal of the day: breakfast. These bars use nutrient rich bone-broth protein, naturally caffeinated dark chocolate, and are paired with the mouthwatering flavors of iconic breakfast treats. The savory ‘Belgium Brunch’ bar uses a griddle-made waffle base coated with fresh Canadian maple syrup, while the ‘Breakfast of Champions’ celebrates the indulgence of fresh 4:00am donuts with a healthy spin using vegan and sugar-free sprinkles. For the ‘Strawberry Smash,’ we sourced organic California strawberries to pair with caffeinated dark chocolate—the perfect start to any morning.”

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“Similar to grapes cultivated for wine, cacao beans distinctly reflect the flavor profiles of the environment in which they were harvested. For the ‘Lineage’ line, we celebrated the origins of each ingredient to highlight the bean-to-bar process. This line explores both classic flavor profiles like the savory ‘Seven Seas,’ which pairs coastal-grown Chilean cacao with the complex flavors of Mediterranean Sea salt, and new flavors like the Florida orange-infused ‘Main Squeeze,’ Hawaiian pineapple-infused ‘Island Time,’ and the pop-rocks-infused ‘Bing-Bang-Boom.’”

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Designed by: Wedge & Lever

Photography: Wedge & Lever

Country: United States