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This Seattle-Based Design Agency Was Create Specifically For the Cannabis Industry

by margaret andersen on 06/20/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Dose, the Seattle-based Cannabis oil company approached OMD Agency to create their brand from the ground up. Not to be confused with this OMD, Online Marijuana Design (OMD) is a full-service agency specifically created for the Cannabis industry. Dose wanted to have a product line that seemed luxurious, but without the high price tag. To satisfy their goal, OMD created a clean logo, a bright and modern color palette, and consistent subtle patterning to give a touch of luxe. 

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"Packaging was the main focus of our brand, working with the printing company to find unique techniques that give the contract between the colored, strain type portion of the packaging and the rest of the dark packaging. Then we created a website and sales collateral with top quality product photos so they’re ready for sales and digital marketing."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Online Marijuana Design

Creatives:Jared Mirsky, CEO (of agency) Dave Clarty, Creative DirectorCorey Campbell, Senior DesignThomas Wariner, Senior DeveloperPrinter:DCG One (Seattle, WA) Client:Tom Gregory, CEO of Dose Oils

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