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We Can Practically Taste the Flavors of These Stunning Chocolate Bars

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/11/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Bright, bold, and beautiful. OCEAN BRANDING redesigned OMBAR chocolates, giving them beautiful pops of color that are indicative of each mouthwatering flavor. Foiling adds a touch of elegance while the typeface feels drawn by hand, indicating that these are chocolate bars made with some special TLC.  

“Ocean Branding has been tasked with their second rebrand of OMBAR chocolates, owned by Mood Foods. The first, in 2015, contributed to a 40% increase in year-on-year sales. “

“Ombar are on a mission to make raw chocolate a part of everyday life, due to the proven health benefits of cacao; with a brand promise to deliver ‘moments of permissible indulgence.”

“The brief was to inject personality and even more natural cues to the existing packaging, all whilst future-proofing the architecture to allow for NPD and brand extensions. The new packaging aims to appeal across all sales channels—supermarkets, food to go, and specialist health food stores.”

“As part of the rebrand, Ombar’s digital, social, and store presence has also been revamped.”

“Ombar is 100% organic raw cacao, natural antioxidants, dairy free, refined sugar free and consists of all natural ingredients. It is sold in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Finland.”

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