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Check out These Beautiful Wines Right from the Hills of Hungary

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/12/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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If you can’t make it to Hungary, then the labels for Hegyeink wines might just take you there. Eszter Laki designed the labels and identity for the main line of wines, choosing sophisticated elements that also celebrate the unique environment where the wine is made.

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“Skizo is an up-and-coming Hungarian winery run by a talented young couple who want to share their passion for wines and the wondrous hills on Balaton Uplands, at the Hungarian countryside. After a successful debut they decided to broaden their product range and introduce a premium line called Hegyeink, which means Our hills in Hungarian.”

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“The premium line is an homage to the famous volcanic hills around Balaton Uplands so the design celebrates these unique geographical formations all connected by the renowned Hungarian lake, Balaton. On Balaton Uplands the grapes are traditionally grown on the hills so it is used as a synonym for the vineyard. The winery owners, Balázs and his wife Réka are actually living in this region so their love for the landscape and their personal connection to the selected areas define the new product line.”

“I was asked to design the new labels and create an autonomous universe loosely connected to the main line, therefore we kept the logo in an elegant variation with golden and silver hot foil stamping. The dynamic landscape appears on the label as a reflection as well: the shadow of the mountains are cut out so the radiant light green bottle acts like the water of Balaton itself. There is a logo on the top of the title portraying the iconic hills which are easily recognisable by their outlines. The colour codes indicate the different wine varieties and they make a collection side by side.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Eszter Laki

Client: Skizo Winery

Photography: András Zoltai

Country: Hungary