Wild Horta Are The Healthy Greens You Didn't Know You Were Missing

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/06/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

mousegraphics designed the packaging for Wild Horta, a unique line of healthy greens. The packaging is straightforward but also designed in a clear way so as to attract the consumer.

Editorial photograph

“Our client provided us with a straightforward and quirky product name: ‘wild horta’, which translates to ‘wild greens’. A type of traditional, original Greek super food, wild edible greens are, healthy, delicious and fairly difficult to find. Our client is launching the ‘stamnagathi’ and ‘armyriki’ wild varieties in dried form so that they can be stored easily, cooked quickly and enjoyed fully. Our packaging uses infographics and a clear image to convey all of the above: the main design focuses on the time needed to prepare the food (10 min.) and abstracts from this in order to suggest a cooking pot. A photo of the product in its natural form is animating the graphic approach, with its wild beauty and organic presence. The whole, paper carton box-type packaging balances the various references, to tradition and nature (‘horta’), efficiency (user friendly cooking tips) and healthy living.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: mousegraphics

Location: Athens, Greece

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