Check Out This Adorable Succulent Planting Kit

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/06/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Succulents have definitely become a huge trend within the last few years, making it only fitting for us to feature this conceptual project from Annie Boush. Succulence is an adorable succulent planting kit that would definitely benefit those of us who lack a green thumb.

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“Succulence is a complete succulent planting kit. For this project we had to come up with something that we wanted to package and brand. I came up with this idea after a weekend of planting my own succulents at home. Through that process I realized there were quite a few items that were needed to plant one and it would be nice to have a kit that came with everything.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Succulence is designed for people who don't necessarily have a green thumb but have a love for high-end plant decor. Succulence also allows users to feel in control through planting their succulent rather than buying one already potted. Broken down into three easy steps, Succulence makes for a fun and beautiful purchase.”

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Designed By: Annie Boush

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