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Let This Refreshing Cold Brew Transport You To the Tropics

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/17/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Get transported to the tropics with this cold brew. Australian agency Squad Ink designed the packaging for The Grounds Cold Brew Coffees.

“Since settling into their new home, the farm animals of The Grounds Roastery have built up quite a following. Oinking, clucking and bleating their way into patron’s hearts, these loveable larrikins have become social media stars. This presented a unique opportunity for us to turn them into the alternative ambassadors of The Grounds’ newest range of goodies.”

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"After great success with The Grounds Granola, featuring Rupert the Rooster, we introduce Fluffy the vivacious Macaw, proudly championing the latest summer release of Cold Brew Coffees. The perfect partnership, both the bird and the beans hail from Central America. Featuring two sensational flavours; Seasonal Blend with Coconut Milk and Single Origin Classic Serve in a convenient 200ml amber hip flask. Vibrant oil painted illustrations dressed in gold foil offer a rich layered design as velvety smooth as the brew itself."

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"Creating nostalgic products that stir memories of the days when products were beautifully crafted with love and care is the defining vision for the Grounds. On the other hand, the Grounds team pride themselves on their constant drive to innovate and surprise their customers. With careful balance and consideration, The Ground Coffee range expresses these two pillars simply. An emotional connection with the character begins on-site in the petting area where patrons can interact with Fluffy and now they can take a piece of that experience home with them to share with family and friends."

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Designed By: Squad InkCreative Director: Matthew Squadrito Design: Ruby Grose Photography: Lucas Peng & Nikki To Illustration: Stuart McLachlanLocation: Sydney, Australia