This Greek Tea Has a Beautiful Modern Geometric Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/05/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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This modern approach to tea packaging has stolen our hearts. Interabang designed the packaging for GREK, a new tea company that is located in Greece.

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"Interabang have completed the branding and packaging for GREK: a new tea company importing high quality herbs from Greece where they thrive – loaded with essential oils, solar energy and aromatics. Bringing that vitality to an infusion is something of an art and GREK have focussed on finding the perfect proportion of the right varieties from the right areas of Greece.

The founder’s tales of childhood trips to Pyrgi during the immersion phase of the project proved inspirational – the mono, geometric Xysta tiles synonymous with the island being a perfect representation of perfection, clarity and simplicity. These tiles not only became the flavour signposts for the front of packs, but also offered a distinctive visual richness when used as a pattern across touchpoints."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"Expressions of quality were used throughout – from the construction of the bespoke boxes to the flavour descriptions, written by Scott Perry, which take their cues from wine tasting notes.

Each tea in the GREK range has a story to tell, and we were keen for this to reach the audience. Five evocative illustrated short stories were commissioned – illustrated by Claire Curtis and also written by Perry – which come in individual booklets with each flavour."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: InterabangCreative Director: Adam Giles Creative Director: Ian McLean Designer: Sam Carroll Illustrator: Claire Curtis Copywriter: Scott perryLocation: London, UK

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