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This Vivid Tea Packaging is Sure to Turn Heads

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/03/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Tea time doesn’t have to be stuffy. Smith&+Village redesigned Booths tea range to give it a bold color palette and strong identity that are elegant yet modern.

“Creative and strategic branding partnership Smith&+Village has redesigned Booths’ range of teas, calling on the retailer’s origins as a tea importer in 1847.”

“The strategy devised for Booths’ own label by Smith&+Village comes into play on the new packaging, with a concentration of the brand achieved using a very limited, but unique colour palette of creative elements.”

“The bold and eye catching packaging features a strong and simple mix of typography, colour and a unique Booths twist. There are no photos or confusing category language.”

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The jewel in the retailer’s crown

“Today tea is still graded and packed on the premises in Preston, so the range is fundamental to the business.”

Debrah Smith, Creative Director, Smith&+Village, says: “The tea range totally embodies Booths as a business. The jewel-coloured boxes of the different tea varieties sit together as a strong family and have real presence on shelf amongst the brands. The piece-de-resistance is the packaging for the strong afternoon tea bags, which we called Builders’ Tea, because after all, that’s what we all call our favourite brew.”

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“The strategy for the brand and the design reflect Booth’s premium and heritage positioning, while making it relevant for the modern consumer.”

Richard Village, Director, Smith&+Village, adds: “Booths’ own label branding communicates the quality of the products. The new, simple, consistent and monolithic look we devised boosted customer recognition by reflecting the values of the retail brand, as well as its reputation for high quality.”

“A range of loose leaf teas is set to hit the high-end supermarket’s shelves later this summer.”

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Designed by: Smith&+Village

Country: United Kingdom