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DND Mosquito Repellent's Clever Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/17/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Indian agency Blok Studio has created a clever solution for mosquito repellent. Taking inspiration from “Do Not Disturb” hanging door signs, these repellents serve an important function while not getting in the way of everyday life.

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"DND is a new innovation-centric brand of mosquito repellents for the Indian consumer market.

The studio developed the identity and package design from its inception. The brand positioning focuses on family with its core message to protect & celebrate those fleeting, special everyday moments in a fast paced world, offering prevention from the disturbance of mosquitoes, to be free to enjoy quality time with friends and family. To establish the brand positioning to a mass audience, the logo references a universal, easily recognizable symbol for privacy — the keyhole. The mark when flipped on its side also draws its shape from the do-not-disturb hanger hooks found on door knobs. Brand colors are inspired by the sunset hour & tropical palette, based on the time of day & region mosquito repellents are most needed.?

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"For their fastest selling product, the liquid vaporizer refill, we focused on its package design communicating the brand's innovation-centric personality, and its brand positioning of total privacy to enjoy one's personal space free from mosquitos.

 The studio designed a custom box for the refill bottle, that allows the logo to transform itself into a functional element for the packaging. The 'D' logo acts as a hook for the box to be hung from retail store display units as well as a detachable do-not-disturb sign for customers to hang in their homes as a memorable brand keepsake. The packaging gets repurposed in a unique way not seen previously in this category."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed By: Blok StudioCreative Director, Designer: Vaishnavi Mahendran Creative Director & Designer: Zarko DumicicTechnical Designer: Srinivas Rao Client: Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. Printer: JC GraphicsLocation: Mumbai, India

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