Featured image for "Gold Fish" Is Sure to Get the Conversation Going

"Gold Fish" Is Sure to Get the Conversation Going

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/08/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Funky Business Branding Agency has developed the branding and packaging for “Gold Fish,” a new brand of preserved fish.

Editorial photograph

“Sometimes you want to open a pack of sardines in tomato sauce. Enjoy this pleasant fishy aroma by picking up a small piece on a fork, and feel the familiar taste with a light note of tomato sourish. The cherished desire.  The idea of the packing was based on the image of the Golden Fish from the fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin. The image of the fish from the fairy tale communicates with the consumer. She talks about herself and fulfills our cherished desire to eat.” 

Editorial photograph

“The image on the package was made by pencil and was supplemented with ‘tasty’ photos of the finished product and examples of it being served. It was the romantic graphics of fairy tales that led to the drawing style. Also, thanks to the conversation from first person perspective, the idea creates interesting communications on the shelf and in the retail zone.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Funky Business Branding AgencyBrand strategy: Mikhail Ankudinov Copywriter: Sergey Ryadovoy Art Director: Ilya Tumaikin Designer: Sergey Ryadovoy 3D, Retouch: Konstantin Simonov Project Manager: Ekaterina SavelievaLocation: Russia