Featured image for Up Your Brand Experience with these Free Downloadable Dielines from Neenah

Up Your Brand Experience with these Free Downloadable Dielines from Neenah

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/30/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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Consumers of today have high expectations for brands—they desire personalized, tailored experiences, and the brands who can deliver are the ones that gain loyalty. To make things easy, Neenah has just released Explore 5, the latest addition to their popular explore series. This particular lineup features five strategic, creative, practical, and tangible ways to enhance customer experience at every touchpoint from a holistic approach. And the best part? You can download the samples of Explore 5 completely free.

So what’s included? This installment explores the 5 E’s of Hospitality—Entice, Enter, Engage, Exit, Extend—with innovative offerings to truly make an impact for consumers. Find out what Explore 5 has to offer below for packaging designers, and head over to Neenah to get your own.


Great for: bringing a retail space to life

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Pique a guest’s interest by combining style and substance with tabletop forms that can double as flower vases or candle holders while delivering an invitation to a special event. Get the visual impact by using imagery and text on each side. Two clicks of HP Fluorescent Pink combined with 4-color process, on ESSE® Cover, Pearlized White makes a stunning, shimmery impression for this tabletop invitation display. This clever invitation/ tabletop display is printed on an HP Indigo® 7000.


Great for: putting valuable info in one place

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What sets the tone for a guest’s stay? The promise of Instagram-worthy memories sets the tone of this welcome brochure featuring fine dining and luxury spa treatments. This 4-color brochure adds brand value with custom paper treatments and high quality printing. Using CLASSIC® Stipple, Antique Gray to add depth to the cover illustration. Inside, the elegant touch of CLASSIC CREST®, Solar White, Smooth displays the hotel’s fine dining and luxury spa. An inserted spa treatment card makes a bold statement on new CLASSIC CREST®, Imperial Red. The outer wrap, printed with two clicks of Opaque White over 4-color process adds the finishing touch on new CLASSIC CREST®, Aubergine. All are printed on an HP Indigo 7000.


Great for: showcasing green/sustainable products

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What can you do to express your brand promise? Transform utilitarian messages into your brand’s sustainability message. A unique shape and unexpected paper color draw to your brands’ mission. This hanger with a unique die-cut water drop, meant for a showerhead or doorknob, helps initiate  sustainable conservation with guests. This piece is printed on the new CLASSIC CREST® Military, 100C, Smooth Digital with three clicks Opaque White overprinted with 4-color process using the HP Indigo 7000.


Great for: gift boxes

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What’s their takeaway? Nothing says thank you like sweet treats! Here, two small businesses partner to create a memorable parting message: A box of treats from a local artisan double as a B&B complimentary gift. This two-part, pop-up box evokes the essence of the shore with the boldness of ASTROBRIGHTS® Lunar Blue™ representing the sea and sky, while the textural felt finish of ROYAL SUNDANCE®Papers mimics a sandy beach. Both the box top and bottom are printed 4-color process.  The top on an HP Indigo® 7000, and the bottom on a Konica Minolta BizHub Pro C7000.


Great for: personal touches

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How do you build brand loyalty long after the memories of a great stay, agreat meal, or a great experience have faded? A personalized note can go a long way in letting customers know you value their business. Let premium, tactile and sustainable paper differentiate you from the mainstream. This postcard delivers a memorable message on the new CLASSIC® Woodgrain texture, in the new Bare White shade, with 4-color process on the Xerox® iGen4.

Get your samples in Explore 5 and the entire Explore series are available for free download.

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