The Coffee Scrub Line Where Every Flavor is Your Favorite

by margaret andersen on 06/05/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Scrub Co. are a fresh start-up based in New Zealand specializing in natural & organic coffee scrubs. Local design agency Goodbrand worked with Scrub Co. to create their visual identity and packaging that would showcase the range of flavors in their line while still maintaining a cohesive, uniform appearance. 

Editorial photograph

"The packaging packs a big punch with vibrant colours mixed with unique patterns for each scrub variety. The patterns are reflective of the key ingredient within each blend. We worked hard to create a set of packages that work hard as a team but also allow each individual product to be a hero on its own."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer: Paul Russell (Goodbrand) Client: Scrub Co.

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