Featured image for Sofi Wine Spritzers Bring On the Warm Summer Vibes

Sofi Wine Spritzers Bring On the Warm Summer Vibes

by margaret andersen on 05/31/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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"Say hello to Sofi – When Australian wine takes an Italian lover. Inspired by the classic Italian Veneto and Hugo spritz cocktails, Sofi gives these summer classics an Australian twist with South Australian riesling wine, soda and all-natural fruit flavors of Blood Orange & Bitters and Lemon & Elderflower."

Design agency Squad Ink's bright color-blocked packaging helps to reinforce those warm summer vibes. 

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"Who doesn’t fancy an ice cold spritz during an afternoon Sunday session? Most sun chasers would tend to agree, especially when it’s served up in a convenient 250ml piccolo. Italian spritz cocktails are timeless classics so we approached the packaging in the same way by drawing inspiration from classic, Italian soda brands. We then added a contemporary twist that is clean, crisp and refreshing, much like the flavours of these little beauties, especially when paired nicely with a cool north-easterly on a Sydney summer’s day. We’ll drink to that. Salute and Cheers!"

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Squad InkCreative Direction: Matthew SquadritoDesign: Ruby GrosePhotography: Lucas PengLocation: Australia