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What's Your Sign? Eight Chocolate Is Inspired By Horoscopes

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/31/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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What's your sign? This colorful conceptual packaging for chocolate has us inspired to read our horoscope. Yasmin Essam designed the packaging for Eight Chocolate.

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“This is a concept for a new chocolate brand in the market. Eight chocolate is set to stand out in an international market full of hundreds and hundreds of successful brands. The goal was to get a personalized product yet show the diversity of branded products. The idea was to use the horoscopes to get personal to everyone as horoscopes are recognized by all cultures around the world, and yet limit the packs to twelve different ones. The art direction helps the products stand out as it uses simple, vivid, neon, modern, artistic, unique and cool artwork. The artwork combines the zodiac shape, flavor of the chocolate and the horoscope constellation shape.”

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“The outer cover has the artwork in the front, the back side includes all the data about the product and an icon about the horoscope. It also has a die-cut with the brand shape - an upside down triangle - in order to reveal the logo printed on the inner cover. 

The inner cover has the logo on a craft looking paper to reflect a personal feeling and get away from the artificial look. The inner side will be coated with foil food-friendly paper to preserve the chocolate flavor and deliver it in good quality. 

The project takes a personal approach, by taking internationally used known icons (horoscopes) and displaying them in twelve colorful, artistic, modern and unique packs."

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Designed By: Yasmin EssamLocation: Cairo, Egypt