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Get Twistd With These Tasty Portion Controlled Potato Chips

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/25/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Snack time is now more shareable and more fun with Twistd. Hornall Anderson designed these tubes of potato chips to not only make it easier to mix and match flavors (and have a good laugh while you’re at it), but the smaller size of the container aids in portion control and promotes healthy, balanced snacking.

“‘Once you pop you can’t stop,’ is the slogan for Pringles, which popularised the sharing tube. But as we crave a little portion control in the way we eat crisps, Twistd could provide just the answer we are looking for.”

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Design Director at Hornall Anderson Gareth Ball says: “In the sharing sector all you really see is one big bag everyone can dive into. But Twistd offers portion control by separating the tubes into different sections, as well as the added excitement of different flavours.”

“This fun and colourful multi compartment tube allows consumers to mix snacks and flavours in unique and unusual combinations.”

“Each of the four compartments contains a mixture of sweet potato chips, lightly salted crisps, tortillas and snacks. Consumers just have to give the lid a little twist to add a range of four quirky flavours, including Sea Salt & Seaweed, BBQ & Honey, Chill & Chocolate and Cheddar & Stilton.”

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Ball adds: “We really wanted to shake up the category with the use of fun characters for each flavour, such as a cowgirl for BBQ & Honey or a hipster fisherman for Sea Salt & Seaweed. We were aiming for millennial men who drink craft beer so the branding is designed to be clean and contemporary. There’s a range of unusual flavours populating the craft beer sector showing this demographic is adventurous. We think the Twistd format would be great fun for social occasions with a group of people who may all have different tastes.”

“Twistd would feature shakers being sold separately and limited edition seasonal flavours with new characters.”

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“Out of home marketing and promoting it on Twitter with #getTwistd would engage with consumers too. The adverts would spin in the same way as the sharing tubes, creating combinations that are sure to raise a smile—a gruff fisherman’s head on top of a cowgirl body? Nobody’s getting any more Twistd than this.”

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Designed by: Hornall Anderson

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