Featured image for Monument City Brewing Company Beer Shows off the Brewery’s Baltimore Roots

Monument City Brewing Company Beer Shows off the Brewery’s Baltimore Roots

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/24/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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The founders of Monument City Brewing Company have some serious Baltimore pride, so why not incorporate that into their packaging? The brewery turned to Orange Element for a fresh design that would highlight the city itself while giving it a contemporary spin.

“Monument City Brewing Company is a startup brewery founded by two brothers in Baltimore, MD. With a mission to create beer reflecting the honest, hard-working nature of Baltimore City and its manufacturing heritage, it was crucial for Monument's brand identity to follow suit.”

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“Orange Element set out to build a simple, bold system that would stand out on the shelf, yet feel right at home with the classic, time-tested designs of old. Along with the identity, we were tasked with creating a full packaging set for Monument's core offerings, as well as seasonal and limited batch brews. In order to create a design that would fit right in with the manufacturing aesthetic of Baltimore City, we studied everything from decades-old beer cans to farm equipment, seed packaging, and industrial labeling. Leaning heavily on a simple flood of color to identify each beer, simple iconography, and ‘Brewer's Notes’ on packaging gave us a way to clearly communicate to consumers what they can expect upon choosing Monument—straightforward, high-quality beers that stand out from the crowd.”

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“For seasonal and limited batches, minimizing the iconic color floods of the core offerings and featuring detailed, custom illustrations allowed us to tell a more complex story behind each seasonal beer and it's Baltimore roots. The Monument City packaging set is a modern design with classic roots.”

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Kennith Praay, Co-Founder of Monument City Brewing Company, stated, “When we started Monument City Brewing, it was important to us to find a visual identity that was an accurate reflection of the brand. Orange Element was able to take the idea behind the name and what Matt and I thought was core to the brand and our city...honesty, hard work and community...and create a visual system that was perfect for our brand. The process was thorough and collaborative. We're proud to be a part of that and excited for the continued partnership.”

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Designed by: Orange Element

Client: Monument City Brewing Company

Designers: Andy Bonner (Design Director), Aaron Moore (Principal)

Printer: Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS), Lucky Clover Packaging

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