Mondalón Selección has Stripped Down Wine Labels You Need in Your Wine Rack

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/24/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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So simple, yet so striking. Mondalón Selección are wines made with different grapes each year, and Enrique Presa designed the labels to communicate this ever-changing character of the wine. The minimalist approach gives it a truly high-quality look that strongly resonates with modern wine drinkers.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The Mondalón Selección wine (White and red) is made each year with different grape varieties but under the same process. This peculiarity makes the wine present nuances, aromas and different sensations every year.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The design of the label is a reflection of the changing character of the wine. The vintage, formulated with alphabetic characters, plays the main role, working as if it was the name of the wine. A typographic game has been proposed in which the vintage is fragmented according to the varieties with which the wine is made each year.”

Editorial photograph

Design: Enrique Presa

Client: Bodegas Mondalón

Paper: Tintoretto Ivory for the white wine, Tintoretto Black Pepper for the red wine

Country: Spain

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