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Make Your Own Sushi Like a Pro With KataModo

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/25/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Nucleus Maximus and Freelo Design have teamed up to created the packaging for KataModo, a new line of DIY sushi and sashimi kits. The kits aim to simplify the process of creating sushi while the packaging reinforces this notion by including easy-to-follow instructions.

“Let’s be real, sushi is intimidating.

It’s food as art, cloaked in tradition, and strikingly simple yet spectacular. There is a reason why we associate sushi with sexy and why we hold the artist (/sushi chef) to such esteem. But what if we could all master the art of making sushi and sashimi?”

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"That’s the idea driving KataModo, a new brand offering the first complete lineup of retail products that provide everything you need to make perfect sushi and sashimi at home.

Named for and designed to evoke the essence of 'kata,' the image of perfection in Japanese culture, there lies a simple beauty and order to the brand’s packaging that instills confidence and sets an exciting expectation around what the brand and customer will create together."

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"KataModo’s color-forward mosaic curates a premium promise well beyond category standards in seafood, suggesting a brand reverence for fish in its purest and simplest form, while also serving as an efficient marker for SKU identification.

Envisioned by the brand strategy and package design team at Nucleus Maximus, and designed into being by Freelo, KataModo was born, named, logo’d, packaged and launched at the 2017 Boston Seafood Show in just under 30 days."

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"The result? An iconic identity for an upstart brand that has since secured placement in Whole Foods, Aldi, Hanaford, Market District, White’s Market and international retailers in Mexico and Canada."

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Agency: Nucleus Maximus Designer: Agustina De La Plaza / Freelo Design Production: Dissimo Instagram: @nucleusmaximusClient: Uoriki Fresh Location: Secaucus, NJ

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