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This Stunning Gin Comes Straight From A Scottish Island

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/23/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Thirst Craft has teamed up with Wild Island Gin to create a simple, beautiful packaging and branding solution for this tasty spirit.

“A place of contrasts and stunning wild beauty, Colonsay is home to Wild Island Gin. A botanic gin infused with wild aromas that are all sourced from the small island on the outer reaches of Scotland.

We created a simple and confident brand identity that was influenced by the island’s rich Viking heritage."

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"The artwork for the bottle packaging was inspired by the wild, organic, evolving and beautiful nature of Colonsay. The artwork was created using watercolours and applied to the bottle through a method of screen printing. By printing on the inside of the transfer, one can always view the watercolour through the bottle from all angles, encouraging drinkers to pick up and explore the bottle.

A beautiful, fluid bottle for a unique gin from a Wild and evolving land."

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Designed By: Thirst Craft

Location: Glasgow, UK