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Check Out This High-End Cannabis Oil Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/18/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Online Marijuana Design (OMD Agency) created the packaging and branding for Lucid Oils, a line of cannabis oils and products. The packaging features a sleek yellow and black color palette that helps elevate the brand while staying away from typical cheesy elements.

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“In a world of confusion, Lucid Oils was born. The same world where concentrate companies are born and grown faster than outdoor weed. You see the challenge? Consumers in today's market don't just want something different, they need something better, they need options. Lucid was created to offer consumers something better than the rest, something exquisite, something high-end.”

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Designed By: Online Marijuana Design (OMD Agency)CEO: Jared MirskyCreative Director: Dave Clarty Senior Design: Corey Campbell Senior Developer: Thomas Wariner Printer: DCG OneLocation: Seattle, WA, USA