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This American Southwest-Themed Makeup Concept will Brighten Your Day

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/20/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Makeup has the frustrating tendency to fade away throughout the day, but not with Prick Cosmetics. This makeup concept from Abby Leighton combines a love of gorgeous destinations like Sedona in southwest with beauty products. Plus, since they’re desert-inspired, they’re designed to withstand hot days without the need for reapplication.

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“Prick Cosmetics is a free-spirited cosmetic company. Deeply inspired by the colors and lifestyle of the southwest, Prick strives to unite nature and beauty. Our products remain bold and long-lasting, even on the hottest desert days.”

“Each product is titled after a feature of the southwest. The product line includes cactus-themed eyeshadow, fairyduster lipstick, Sedona clay foundation & concealer, mesa mascara, and desert heat all-day eyeliner. The cactus eyeshadows have southwestern plant names: Cholla, Saguaro, Agave, Yucca, Boojum, and Prickly Pear.”

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“The American southwest is a place unlike any other in the world, with a very unique color palette and landscape. Merging makeup and the southwestern desert, Prick was created to bring a brand new concept to cosmetics. Taking inspiration from the colors and ecosystem, Prick's mission is to promote the lifestyle, beauty, and adventurous side of the southwest. Each product is crafted with this in mind.”

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Designed by: Abby Leighton

Country: United States