Souldrops Revolutionizes The Conventional Detergent Industry

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/17/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Republic Group created this colorful and unique design for Souldrops, a new line of laundry detergent.

"The Souldrops name is worth remembering, as the product family is about to change the way the public thinks about laundry detergents. Following its recent debut, Souldrops is challenging the traditional detergent sector in Hungary. Republic Group, the Cannes Golden Media Lion-winning Hungarian creative agency, was commissioned by the local startup to design a new line that will shake up the industry."

Editorial photograph

"Souldrops is a story about perfect chemistry: a young and visionary startup and a future-driven creative agency got together to develop a line of products to change an industry that has been characterized by nearly-identical designs – so far."

"Republic Group had a key role in the brand’s development from the beginning. Thus, research and segmentation allowed the agency to define the philosophy of Souldrops: a brand of designer laundry products and detergents that encompasses everything young urban adults stand for today, from modern, edgy design to environmental consciousness."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Agency: Republic GroupClient: Souldrops Creative Director: Szabolcs Márton Art Director: Zsolt Magó Copywriter: Kristóf Kovács & Mátyás Ónodi-Szabó Account: Fiorella Szilágyi Published: March, 2017Location: Budapest, Hungary

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