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Shred In Style With Driftwood

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/17/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Musicians rejoice! If you’re a fan of using effects pedals while making music, this might be for you. Mexican-based company Driftwood creates beautiful and artistic pedalboards so that you can shred in style. Their attention to detail and fine quality craftsmanship extends to every aspect of their product, including the boxes that their merchandise come in. Memo&Moi designed the sophisticated identity and packaging for Driftwood.

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"Driftwood is a company established in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, dedicated to manufacturing pedalboards (for guitar or bass effects) and also instrument stands and hardcases. Wood and other metallic materials that are used to develop their products are from the highest quality, besides their eco-friendly and unique avant-garde design. Their products fully fit the needs of any musician who wants to improve the portability of their guitar or bass equipment."

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"Our graphic solution was to create a monogram that interprets the shape and the fabrication process, which is constituted from rescuing the wet wood, as it becomes the main piece that assembles the pedalboards. The fusion of the initials also form from the name 'Driftwood'."

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Agency: Memo&MoiArt Direction & Design: Guillermo Castellanos & Moisés GuillénPhotography: Liliana Barraza (Frica) Facebook: www.facebook.com/memoymoi Instagram: www.instagram.com/memoymoi Location: Guadalajara, México