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This Coffee Branding Concept Creates Simplicity Through Color-Coded System

by margaret andersen on 04/27/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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This student design project by Karen Gevorgyan simplifies the search for the perfect coffee by combining elegant branding and typography with a color-coded system for identifying key ingredients and your favorite flavors. 

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"We created flexible, bright and memorable packaging for Arabic coffee, and visualized 5 types of coffee connecting them to each other. We decided to separate the ingredients by turning them into colors. Next, we illustrated them in a form of desert. We have solved the visualization issue of diverse types of coffee by transforming the desert landscape into corresponding color pieces. In order to show different types separately, we created a window. By rotating it you can find layers of particular coffee.

The visual elements in the packaging highlight Arabian culture through the use of calligraphy, rhombuses, the window, and colors. As a result, the packaging becomes a window through which you can find your preferable coffee aroma in the desert. Spin it around, wander through the desert and find your flavor. "

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Design: Karen GevorgyanIllustration: Armenak GrigoryanCalligraphy: Maria GevorgyanCopywriting: Ani GevorgyanPhotography: Arnos Martirosyan

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