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BILT Stands Out In The Men's Grooming Market

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/20/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Ideas that Kick (Kick) designed the packaging and branding for BILT, a new men’s skin care line. The design for this product line stands out as the products are appealing to the consumer without defining themselves as being an overtly masculine product.

“When BILT Brand approached Kick to design the branding and packaging for their new line of men’s natural bar soaps, body washes and lotions endorsed by entertainer Steve Harvey, the agency had the chance to pitch in from the ground up.” 

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“'This was a truly collaborative effort between BILT Brand and Kick,' says Stefan Hartung, Creative Director and Co-founder of Kick. 'They brought us in at the very beginning of product formulation, so that even as we were helping select individual scents and naming those products, we were also framing up how those fragrances would best live visually.'” 

"The trick was to make this new brand of men’s grooming products stand out authentically in a sea of sameness."

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“'The men’s grooming aisle is traditionally dominated by black, white and silver color palettes that lean heavily on typography rather than imagery,' says Nick Zdon, Kick Design Director. 'With the unique concept of pairing each BILT fragrance with an exotic location, we knew we could also push the design with a rich color palette and beautiful photography, making each fragrance a destination.'” 

"The result is an extension of the BILT brand values: style and substance. A simple yet luxurious aesthetic blends strong, solid typeface with memorable, monochromatic landscape imagery, bringing an undeniable style to a truly quality product. BILT products are now available at select Walmart stores nationwide."

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Agency: Ideas that Kick (Kick)Creative Director: Stefan HartungDesign Director: Nick ZdonLocation: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA