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This Wine Packaging Takes Inspiration From A Vintage Horror Movie Poster

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/19/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Brand and Packaging Design Studio ZARATE · INSA has designed the vintage horror movie inspired label for Alchimia de los Andes Red Blend Wine. The color scheme and typography echo the drama and eerie feeling of your favorite old horror movie, allowing for this wine to tell a story.

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“On a full moon night, the winemaker of Alchimia de los Andes fell in a trance. After wandering around the vineyards for hours, trying to find the essence of his wine, he went back to his bedchambers and created this legendary blend. This present label is the only record of what could have happened that night..."

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"This fascinating and mysterious Red Blend is the result of a profound spiritual communion between nature in the vineyards and the enigmatic work in Alchimia de los Andes winery. Knowledge, rituals, techniques and traditions are the alchemy which provides expression to this stimulating wine."

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Design by: ZARATE · INSACreative direction and design: Guillermo Zárate, Matías Insa Illustration: Guillermo Zárate, Matías Insa Photography: Martin OrozcoClient: Alchimia Wines Markets: Global instagram: zarateinsadesignLocation: Argentina