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Everything is Brewtiful: Magnolia Brewing's Unique Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/20/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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San Francisco agency Gamut designed the typographically-driven packaging for Magnolia Brewing, a local iconic brewery. The packaging brings together a variety of typographic styles to create an exciting and engaging packaging solution. Yellow serves as an accent color and adds an overall cheeriness, making this a standout brew.

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"For Magnolia Brewing's first packaged beer we developed a brand-centric packaging system to celebrate one of San Francisco's most iconic beer brands. We wanted to create an experience through the packaging system that would allow consumers to peel back the layers and spend time exploring the depth and intricacy of the brand."

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"We showcased their branding in a visually impactful way through alternate facings on the 6 packs that allow for creative shelf display."

"We played with elements that pay homage to their 60’s Haight St. neighborhood heritage, like the Flower and M 'blotter paper pattern' to give a tastefully psychedelic intricacy to the design. Under a magnifying glass the design is full of hidden messages that represent special moment in the breweries history." 

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Packaging Design: Shawn Scott/GamutIdentity Design: Kevin LandwehrClient: Magnolia BrewingLocation: San Francisco, CA