3 Brands That Prove Why You'll Want to Set Up Your Business Website on Squarespace

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/13/2017 | 7 Minute Read

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Online stores are tricky. Sure, you don’t have to worry about the overhead and startup costs of a brick-and-mortar store, but it also means that clients don’t get to interact with you personally. Your website acts as the face of your brand, welcoming them to your online shop and inviting them to look around. Instead of a sales team member, customers will get to know you and your products on nothing more than a computer screen.

Therein lies the challenge: create an enticing ecommerce site that’s welcoming, represents your company, and makes the sale. Here are three reasons why you can tackle this challenge with Squarespace:

1. You’ll have zero trouble making it look amazing

One of the reasons Squarespace is an obvious choice for designers and entrepreneurs is because the sites consistently look beautiful with little work on your end. Making an ecommerce site can sometimes mean there are glaring differences between your homepage and the cart or checkout screen, or you may find them too complicated and feel tempted to hire someone to set it up for you. With Squarespace, you can keep the look lovely and not feel overwhelmed at setting it up and maintaining it.

2. Get the benefit of everything that integrates with Squarespace

Interested in running sales or having coupon codes? Want to offer more than one shipping option? Looking for something that will work with Mailchimp, too? Incorporate these extras with the click of a mouse. Plus, the integration with G-Suite (formerly called Google Apps) means you can set up a business email address to match your domain name with ease.

3. The support team has your back

If you ever run into an issue managing your site, a support team member is just a message away, 24/7. Plus, Squarespace has some handy how-to videos to help you get started and set up your shop in no time so you can start selling right away.

We’ve gone ahead and chosen a few of our favorite beautifully designed products that just so happen to operate on Squarespace to show you how it’s done.

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Haute Chocolate Brooklyn

There are plenty of chocolate bars out there that aim for the more luxury side of the market, but few do it as well as Haute Chocolate Brooklyn. Marketed towards “goddesses, bad girls, and femme fatales,” this sweet treat reminds you that a little bit of hedonism should be encouraged from time to time.

The packaging and site design embraces this “so bad that it’s good” attitude, complete with sultry photography and flirtatious copywriting. “I wanted the site to have a clean and chic aesthetic. It needed to be simple but still possesses a touch of regal information architecture, whimsical copy and decorated with beautiful product photography to showcase each Haute Chocolate Babe in her own dynamic way,” Beryl Fine, Founder of Haute Chocolate Brooklyn mentioned. “I really liked the Hudson template because it was organized at the top with a simple menu and then each page was easy to customize with all the tools I needed to have. The template looked the way I fancied but still provided a unique look.”

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Cornell Creme

Cornell Creme is one of those desserts that you can actually feel good about indulging in. It’s ice cream that’s been made with pure ingredients rather than fillers, stabilizers, or any other hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Their site does an amazing job of making you feel closer to the product and emotionally invested in their mission. The homepage for Cornell Creme truly makes an impact: a photo featuring pints of their tastiest flavors resting on a wooden table, with the farm logo center stage. It transports you to the farm itself and fills you with a bit of nostalgia for those simpler times. A subtle yet descriptive navigation menu lets visitors explore the ins and outs of the company—and more importantly, where to buy some for their own freezer.

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Little Boo Boo Bakery

S’mores just got so much better with Little Boo Boo Bakery, a line of marshmallows that are made from the best, all-natural ingredients and hand-crafted in New York City. Instead of just being a sugary extra ingredient, these marshmallows have divine flavors like earl grey, chocolate mint, and cinnamon, making them a true standout in fireside snacks, hot cocoa, and all of your favorite recipes.

Little Boo Boo Bakery’s online shop is a true reflection of their products. They focus solely on creating all-natural, mouthwatering marshmallows—nothing else—and their site keeps things clean and simple. You won’t see a complicated navigation bar, distracting graphics, or a long-winded write-up of their products. Instead, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (and maybe even an extra delicious flavor or two) right away.

“When we put our brand together, we wanted to work counter to the standard method of marketing sweets. We didn’t want to be cute and flowery,” stated Hannah Scarritt-Selman, Owner and Head Confectioner of Little Boo Boo Bakery. “In the newest iteration of our site, we consciously took a ‘less is more’ approach, put the product front and center, and tried to wash away the residue of our previous iterations. Our current site is most like what we have always wanted our company to be, and how we wanted it to feel.”

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