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Grab Some Milk and a Bowl of Honey Monster Puffs

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/10/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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UK cereal manufacturer Brecks and creative studio Robot Food teamed up to modernize Honey Monster Puffs, and give it pride of place on breakfast tables across the UK.

"Leading cereal manufacturing experts, Brecks, recently acquired the Honey Monster brand. A well-loved family staple for decades, Honey Monster Puffs commands enormous consumer affection and recognition, but had lost a little relevance. After reducing the sugar content down from ‘red’ to ‘amber’, the next step was a full repositioning and rebrand. Brecks chose Robot Food based on their reputation for rejuvenating classic British brands. The aim was to spark consumer reappraisal, and modernise Honey Monster Puffs as a credible, relevant family breakfast cereal."

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"Robot Food embarked on a study of consumer trends followed by a collaborative brand workshop to establish the new positioning, mission and values. After this came new product development workshops to develop a pipeline of exciting new products." 

"Working to the new brand blueprint, the team’s design strategy aims to throw consumers off their autopilot while retaining key brand equities – including the new-look Honey Monster, who proudly takes center-stage on packs. Moving him on from his old suited character, Robot Food created a flat, clean graphic Honey Monster for a friendlier, contemporary effect." 

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"The new pack hierarchy is cleaner and clearer, and the prouder, bolder brand marque replaces the previous brash red logo with a tastier, more considered yellow and white colourway. The fun, straight talking tone of voice is accessibly witty with transparent pack claims – a refreshing contrast to some cereal brands’ tendency to over-claim on health and under-claim on sugar content." 

"Simon Forster, Creative Director at Robot Food, said, 'It’s been a pleasure to help modernise and future-proof such a well-loved heritage brand. The design strategy appeals to the child within us all, and has helped move Honey Monster Puffs on to a contemporary brand ideal for getting discerning families round the breakfast table together. '”

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Designed by: Robot Food

Location: UK

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