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Designing the Luxury of Eden & Bridge’s Decadent Pies

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/03/2017 | 7 Minute Read

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We definitely can’t say no to these luxury pies. Designed by Fable&Co., they make the simple meat pie seem like a decadent meal to behold. We spoke with Ross Davison, Managing Director at Fable&Co. to learn more about designing the two ranges of pies, the key to combining modern and traditional elements, and designing a luxury product.

Walk us through the design process that you went through for this project.

Fable&Co.: We began by considering a name for this new range of pie packaging. Our client’s location ‘Edenbridge, Kent’ inspired us in our pursuit for an impeccable name and narrative for which to shape this unique identity. ‘Eden’ meaning delight, finery, and luxury is more commonly famous for the paradisiacal garden in which Adam & Eve lived. It is often said that the Garden of Eden is marked by four beautiful rivers, adjoining together, enabling the vast virility and fertility of this area of unsurpassed natural beauty.

With the name approved we set about examining how Eden & Bridge could translate into a strong visual brand aesthetic, across both the premium and luxury ranges of pies. We initially worked concurrently across both ranges, to ensure the positioning of each of these brands would offer an obvious difference of perception in retail value.

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LUXURY RANGE: Following the design of the primary work marque & logo asset, we set about considering the look and feel of the packaging graphics for the luxury range. Inspired by the natural balance of nature, coupled with the serenity of the Garden of Eden—represented through the simple, eye catching, symmetrical graphic device. We introduced monotone iconography/imagery to effectively differentiate the product variants within the range. ‘On pack’ messaging, relating the Eden & Bridge brand story, was devised to encourage an emotional connection with the brand.

We wanted the luxury range to offer a lavish and seemingly decadent pie brand. Innovative packaging, encouraging a gratifying experience to the consumer was of paramount importance in promoting the true extravagance of this new brand. This began with Fable&Co. designing the look and feel of the luxury brand first, before considering how the packaging graphics could be complemented using innovative carton board engineering. The structural design began with hundreds of failed attempts folding paper to create diagonal opening flaps for the sleeve component of the packaging. The most important consideration throughout this phase was to design something that could be manufactured. Once we had the overall structure of the packaging working effectively, we were able to refine the design across the new, approved carton profile.

PREMIUM RANGE: To address the ‘Premium range’ our quest led us to explore a brand identity with strong personality and charisma to inspire, intrigue, and excite consumers. Our challenge now was to rethink the brand positioning by developing a new range of packaging, targeting a far wider consumer audience. The brand identity was inspired by the Victorian legacy, popularity, and heritage of baking. Random vintage illustrations were used to add a memorable obscurity to the brand, from distinguished gents carrying obscenely large mushrooms, to half human, half zebras with sea creatures nonchalantly in tow.

The on-pack messaging complements the oddity themed visual brand identity. From ‘Marvellous’ and ‘Spectacular’ as variant descriptors, through to the references of ‘monocles, ‘jolly hockey sticks,’ and ‘poppycock’ to reinforce the peculiar eccentricity of the brand. Bold, vibrant colours were used to easily identify between product variants and highlighted with an impressive spot UV varnish throughout the packaging. It was important that the structural design of the carton complemented the visual brand aesthetic. The idea of intrigue and discovery inspired us to propose a book flap on the front of the carton, once opened, revealing the delicious pastry beneath the transparent printed window film. On the opposite side of the open flap, a succinct brand proposition could be read to reinforce the unique narrative.

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What was one of the biggest goals you set out to achieve with Eden & Bridge Premium Pies packaging and how did you accomplish it?  

Fable&Co.: One of our biggest goals was to effectively demonstrate the obvious difference of perception in retail value across the two ranges of packaging. This would enable our client to communicate how packaging can change the consumer’s perception related to the value of a retail product. This was achieved by combining strategic branding, structural innovation, design creativity, as well as the composition of specialist print finishes used to create something truly unique for each of these differing ranges of packaging.

How did you go about balancing the incredibly modern elements of this design with the more traditional ones?

Fable&Co.: The balance of old and new was carefully considered across both ranges of packaging. We were looking to offset the more traditional illustrated elements with a uniquely refreshing personality that brought about a modern design aesthetic. Specifically, in the case of the premium range, we opted for bright, bold variant colours highlighting the decorative ampersand, complete with spot UV varnish, which balanced the more traditional vintage illustration. In the case of the ‘Luxury’ range it was the combination of the cold foiling process and highly innovative structural design that helped to modernize this range of packaging.

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What was the most challenging part of this project?

Fable&Co.: The most challenging part of the project was setting up both complicated artworks for print. There was a range of printing processes involved, such as cold foiling, lamination, spot UV varnishes, window printing, etc. Each of these processes have very specific requirements on how the artworks need to be supplied. This resulted in quite an iterative process between Fable&Co. and the different print finishers involved.

If you could pick one aspect of the finished design that you like the most or feel especially proud of, what would it be and why?

Fable&Co.: Our favorite aspect of the finished designs that we are most proud of has got to be the contrast of the screened UV varnish and the matte lamination achieved on the premium range. Fable&Co. and Alexir worked in collaboration with Celloglas to achieve this striking feature, which adds another dimension to the decorative design features of this range.

Share one lesson that you learned while developing the finished product.

Fable&Co.: We learnt a great deal about the cold foiling process, whilst working on the Luxury range. We had never utilized this technique before, therefore there was an education that was required to ensure we achieved the correct variant colours in production.

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