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These Conceptual Wine Bottles are Decadent and Detailed

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/27/2017 | 5 Minute Read

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These wines have a classical elegance about them. Sterling Creativeworks designed these conceptual wine bottles in order to showcase their talents in marrying traditional design with modern flair. The labels are decadent and detailed, complete with gold foiling details that elevate the overall design.

"Our agency is known for designing modern classic packaging for wine, spirits and food. We developed this series of labels to expand client perception of what luxury wine packaging can look like when we reinterpret universal wine themes in unexpected ways." 

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"Created as a part of our series, Terroir shares a new way to illustrate the vineyard, climate and soil. The story: 'Dark mysterious nights, long days, the hand of man and nature. The lay of the land, a microclimate, a full orbit around the sun. One unique creation to savor.'"

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"The Visionist explores the winemaker’s seemingly alchemical ability to create liquid poetry from simple grapes. Inspired by antique alchemy illustrations, our art depicts the winemaker’s magic. The story: 'The winemaker as an alchemist. Transforming simple fruit into a mystical elixir. Harnessing the sun, soil, wind and rain to enchant.'" 

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"Notoriety irreverently celebrates the spirit of a swashbuckling outlaw that lives in each of us. A foil-embossed fox stalks a wily rabbit – a known thief of wine grapes. The story: 'Sometimes the wine world is so very serious. Makes one want to unleash some luxe and lovely mischief. Indulge your inner rebel with opulent naughtiness.'"

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"Nobility riffs on the traditional label with an impish Bacchus crest, elegant flourishes and detailed embellishments. The story: 'Authority built on generations of craftsmanship. Pomp, circumstance, the finer things in life. It’s a privilege to be allowed past the velvet rope.'" 

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Agency: Sterling CreativeworksCreative Director: Cynthia Sterling Art Director: Cynthia Sterling Designers: Cynthia Sterling & Daniela Sbarbati Copywriter: Cynthia Sterling Illustration - Visionist : Dave Stevenson Illustration - Nobility: Raphael Montoliu Illustration - Notoriety: In House, Sterling Creativeworks Illustration - Terroir: Marta Sokolowska Printer: MCC Label Glass: Global PackageLocation: Napa, USA