Featured image for Eat 17's New Colorful Craft Beer

Eat 17's New Colorful Craft Beer

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/28/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Together Design has created this unique take on illustration for craft beer. The design and branding was created for Eat 17, a gourmet grocery store and restaurant.

"Independent creative agency Together Design are delighted to share their latest work for the innovative grocery store/restaurant concept Eat 17: branding and packaging for a tasty craft beer brewed in Walthamstow, a stone’s throw away from the Eat 17’s award-winning original store."

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"Since they began working together in 2012, the team at Together Design have carved out a very distinctive brand identity for Eat 17 that celebrates their commitment to local produce and the diverse communities that they serve. Their design for Eat 17’s Session IPA builds on this work, as Katja Thielen, Creative Director from Together Design explains:  

'When we started working with Eat 17 we created a dynamic illustration called 'The House of Eat17’ where each rooms depicts a different part of the their many food offers: shelves filled with juicy fruit and veg, busy chefs making mouth-watering burgers, a cozy lounge area and restaurant where people can chat and catch-up. The bustling activity outside the house shows Eat 17 at the heart of a thriving local community. We’ve chosen little, individual details and hidden gems from the illustration to create everything from the store signage and food packaging to uniforms, website and, most recently, the label for their first craft beer.'" 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"For the Eat 17 Session IPA, Together Design two people effortlessly enjoying a beer in relaxing surroundings. The idea was to communicate the feeling of ‘sharing good beer with good people’ and reflect the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that Eat 17 are well known for. 

The design uses a bold, graphic colour palette to stand out in the craft beer category and the illustration style has a strong, independent feel that Together Design felt was important to the craft beer customer and the Eat 17 brand. Adapting and developing ideas from the original ‘House of Eat 17’ illustration means that there is strong and consistent identity through both the digital and physical experience of the brand, and when customers tuck in to one of their famous Eat 17 Cheeseburgers or, of course, crack open one of their new and refreshing Session IPAs." 

Designed by: Together Design

Location: London

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