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Bserk Will Help You Get Your Fitness On

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/28/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Ali Adams designed the packaging system for Bserk Sports, a range of supplements for working on your fitness in the gym. The products all follow a monochromatic color scheme and include a numbering system to help the consumer better understand the use of the products themselves.

"The challenge was to position the sports supplements brand in the active lifestyle consumer market without the stigma and stereotype of bodybuilding within the somewhat-confusing supplements industry." 

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"Bserk is for the high-performance lifestyle. Based in Los Angeles, Bserk believes in a simple goal; to create products that are intuitive to use that are made from natural, clean ingredients. This is in addition to providing excellent customer experience — something that is eroded from the industry. This goal represents a greater opportunity to improve the way people live and perform. Bserk’s products empower people to push boundaries, while the ingredients remain kind to their bodies to help them live a productive and healthy lifestyle. We were commissioned by Bserk to establish their brand positioning and visual identity, with a website, accompanying art and photography."

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"Keen to stand out from the over-saturated fitness and bodybuilding supplements market, we positioned Bserk Sports as a superior lifestyle choice for the more discerning, and active consumer. We constructed concise and accessible messages to emphasize the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle beyond just the gym. In addition, the new packaging was designed to reflect the quality and science behind the supplements, making the process of choosing the right supplements for you more simple and intuitive." "The final design combined a bold typographic aesthetic and a simple color palette with a distinctive accent color to create an identity that communicated the purity of the product while maintaining the intensity of the sport."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Ali Adams

Location: Los Angeles

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