A Perfect Cup of Vietnam Coffee Republic: Republic Blends

by Ivan Navarro on 02/20/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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When it comes to morning rituals, a cup of piping-hot coffee is priority one. For many, that first sip is the only way to gently coerce sleepy bodies into action mode, but if you’re in Saigon, you now have four ways. Thanks to a thoughtful collaboration between agency, Blank Co. and coffee roastery and bar, Vietnam Coffee Republic – coffee lovers now can choose between four varieties of the Republic Blends. Each coffee package is designed as an expression of its contents, utilizing minimal line-work to denote lighter flavor profiles, while bold blends feature shapes and color. The line’s clean aesthetic is attractive and visually translates the personality of each blend thoughtfully, while being cohesive as a whole. Subtle hints of pastel further differentiate and dually allow for smart and tidy merchandising, which makes for taking your favorite cup home that much easier. 

Editorial photograph

"We embark on this thorough brand building project, with genuinely authentic & thoughtful products at the core. Working closely with the roaster and founder of Vietnam Coffee Republic, we involved ourselves in every step of the product creation process, from bean selection to our favorite part: enjoying every cup." 

"The concept of the packaging design was to outwardly "express" the "feeling" of each of the coffee blend, an aim that our client was more keen in. We employed the most basic and essential of design tools at our disposal: typography, colors, patterns, iconography, copywriting, bespoke printing... combining with the unique naming for each variant of blend. We decidedly went against the norm in the Vietnamese coffee market to be subtle, simple, and ultimately helpful to the consumers." 

"The joy of the project was not about finding a new or unique way to "scream" out about the "coffee", but to stay true to the mission of the whole brand: connecting like-minded coffee lovers. A republic where Vietnam is the beginning."

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Designed by Blank Co.

Client: Vietnam Coffee Republic 

Country: Vietnam 

Photography: Yes Studio, Kevin Ngo, Blank Co.


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