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Rouge Gorge Definitely isn’t Your Grandma’s Vermouth

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/15/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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A classic is born again with Rouge Gorge Cider Vermouth. Polygraphe took on the challenge of developing a vermouth that would simultaneously acknowledge the history of the drink while appealing to today’s consumer. Turning to a bygone era for inspiration, it has a wonderfully classic feel.

“Vermouth is a drink that had its hour of glory several years ago. Feeling an imminent return to favor, Domaine Lafrance took the opportunity to create a new kind of vermouth, one it could call its own.”

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“We used the return of neglected classics as the narrative background in developing this new product’s identity. We chose to represent the product’s emblem—the robin—in a paint-by-numbers-style landscape, which echoes a bygone era while revealing the product’s playful personality. Only the red areas of the paint-by-number label are in color, a subtle reminder of the product’s name.”

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“A rich typographic universe, in the classical tradition of Vermouth, honors the product’s legacy. The signature 'Rebirth of the best' is an invitation to celebrate the classics and serves as a seal of quality, specific to Domaine Lafrance.”

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Designed by: Polygraphe

Creative Director, Designer: Sébastien Bisson

Account Director: Marie-Claude Fortin

Illustrator: Jérôme Mireault, Colagene

Copywriting: Ellen Teitelbaum / Annie Ouellet

Client: Les Vergers Lafrance / Elixirs, Vins et Spiritueux

Country: Canada

City: Montreal, Quebec