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This Popcorn Packaging is Cozy and Clever

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/09/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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White Bear Studio designed this whimsical packaging for Popcorn Shed, a gourmet popcorn brand. The packaging plays off of its name and is shaped like a little cozy home. Literal windows also serve as figurative ones as they highlight the product inside the package. Overall this packaging solution gives off a cute, clever, hand-crafted vibe.

"Popcorn Shed came to us with packaging that just wasn’t cutting the mustard for them. Their main challenge was their current confusing flavour differentiation plus the quickly growing competition. Popcorn is a saturated market and they needed branding and packaging that set them apart from their competitors in a quickly growing category."

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"To us, the answer was in the name, Simple! Lets make Sheds! Why not? Each flavour tells its story. Pecan Pie was inspired by an American barn, Salted Caramel by the bright lights of the Brighton seafront and Chocolate, a winter log cabin. The window allows us a subtle view of the flavours to add extra appetite appeal and the packaging allows for double facing with the side profile being inspired by quintessential British beach huts which made sense as the brand was proud to be British!" 

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"We really got into the world of Popcorn Shed creating mini experiences for each flavour that take place around our shed shaped packaging. Popcorn Shed have since won a Great Taste Award and been listed in a number of stores including Harrods and The Picture House Cinemas. Unlock the flavour and discover the taste."

“'The impact of the branding and packaging has been so significant that we have met stockists who are ordering before they've even tasted our delicious popcorn!'” 

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Agency: White Bear StudioCreative Directors: Kelly Mackenzie and Martyn Garrod Designer: Kelly Mackenzie and Martyn Garrod Client: Popcorn Shed Illustrator: Perry Rowe Photographer: Matthew BoothLocation: London, UK