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This Lemonade and Pablo Escobar Have Something in Common

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/07/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Limón is not your typical lemonade. Inspired by the notorious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, this lemonade takes it's name from Limón, Escobar's driver. A contemporary approach was taken in designing this drink, but what makes this concept unique are the illustrations themselves. 

"We all know Limón as Pablo Escobar’s covert driver who knew how to avoid cops and roadblocks. The streetwise kid who liked acting tough touches our hearts by creating a budding relationship with Escobar. When meeting him for the first time you can see his awe and excitement but it isn’t long before he’s pledging his life for Don Pablo: 'It's an honor to work for you Don Pablo. You've done so much for the poor in Medellin ... if I have to lose my life for you, I will boss.'"

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"Inspired by Pablo Escobar’s last companion we decided to name our homemade lemonade after him. Limón transitions from the sweet and innocent boy next door to the self-doubting Sicario member and ends up as a cold-blooded killer. When drinking our lemonade you will experience the same transition in your mouth. First, you will taste the sweetness of raw cane sugar, then the juice of sour limes and what you taste last is hot ginger."

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"For the design of our lemonade we illustrated Pablo and Limón with ink and set little accents with watercolor. The display font is named Sullivan and for the small labels on the bottlenecks we used a sans serif called Oswald. We also stamped the expiration date as seen below."

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Designed by: Dalyvanh Pangnanouvong & Simeon Oßwald

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