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This Craft Beer Collaboration Tells a Sad Story

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/06/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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VOLTA Studio has designed this mystery-invoking packaging for O'phelia Craft Beer, a collaboration between Jameson and and the irreverent craft beer Maldita. 

"Jameson’s motto 'Sine Metu' (No Fear) is all-present in the products and experiences they create, but also in the partnerships established with those who share their way of thinking. Their collaboration with Maldita is a perfect example: the creation of a craft beer aged in Irish whiskey barrels, produced by an independent spirit brewery that shares Jameson’s mindset."

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"VOLTA Studio also partnered in this project with Jameson, with the mission of creating O’phelia’s label, but also imagining (and telling) O’phelia’s story. O'phelia is a young, brave celtic woman, and daughter of a Lusitanian warrior that was also a master-brewer. She decided to surprise her father (who had left for another quest) with the perfect beer formula - the one Jameson and Maldita are revealing today. Her end was somber and full of anguish, as her father did not return from his quest and O’phelia died next to her treasured barrels, wrapped in hope and sadness, without ever giving her father a taste of the precious nectar." 

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"The beer label and box created by VOLTA are a mirror of O’phelia’s personality: strong on the outside but smooth and pure in the inside, as her body reveals the scars of a arduous life. The black box that protects her recipe resembles a black chest, made of burnt wood that will turn into ashes, with carvings that show the wait and desperation of this young woman."

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Agency: VOLTA Brand Shaping StudioCreative Director: Pedro Vareta Project Manager: Lourenço Neves Designer & Illustrator: Rita Bastos Photography by: Nuno Moreira Location: Porto, Portugal