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Impress Clients With This Wallpaper Packaging Solution

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Toronto design studio Sali Tabacchi teamed up with custom wallpaper design studio Rollout to create a new series of redesigned wallpaper pattern sample kits.

"The Rollout team collaborated with Toronto design studio, Sali Tabacchi, to refine the look and branding of the sample packs, and featuring the new visual identity the studio developed for Rollout. The sample kit package evokes a crafted, specialty feeling. The size and shape of the packaging is similar to that of premium whiskey, creating a positive association and lending shelf presence."

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"With a brand that pushes the boundaries of interior design, the exterior of the package has a clean, minimal look that contrasts with contents that hold infinite possibilities for creativity and exploration in the design of interior spaces. The Rollout team wanted architects and designers to be able to easily tuck their sample packs under their arm to bring to a meeting, they are designed to fit in and to inspire within those creative spaces. They also have a unique look and shape that helps them grab attention on a shelf surrounded by the predictable shapes of sample books."

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"Each kit contains promotional material, consisting of several examples of Rollout’s installed custom designs, and samples from the Artists series. The sample kits demonstrate how these various patterns will transform design projects in hospitality, retail, nightclubs, workspaces and other commercial interiors, and helps designers successfully demonstrate their vision for their clients." 

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Concept: RolloutDesign: Sali TabacchiStudio photos: Christophe Benard PhotographyRoaming photos: Various design studiosLocation: Toronto, Canada