The Nielsen Design Impact Award Explained

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/15/2017 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

We thought it was high-time someone formally recognized the power of package design to drive business outcomes.

In conjunction with The Dieline Awards, we’ve created The Nielsen Design Impact Award to do just that. This award identifies the most impactful redesigns over the last two years. And let’s be clear—these aren’t just pretty packs. They’re absolutely crushing it in market, too.

Nielsen will recognize first, second and third place designs. Winners will be invited to accept their awards live on-stage during the opening ceremony of HOW Design Live 2017.

The deadline for entries is March 6th, 2017. Registration is free. Winners will be notified in early to mid-April.

What’s different about the Nielsen Design Impact Award?

We don’t have a panel of experts who selects the most beautiful, innovative or sustainable packaging. Our judges are consumers—and the steely, naked truth of in-market performance. Specifically, the Nielsen Design Impact Award combines choice and diagnostic responses from a large number of category consumers with point-of-sale data. (Nielsen’s retail measurement technology captures sales data from virtually every major retail chain.) You can read more about our specific criteria on the FAQs page.

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