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Kombrewcha - The World's First Hard Kombucha

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/08/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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What in the world is Kombrewcha? Glad you asked. It's a fizzy, fermented tea drink that's CHILL AF and its packaging is, too.  Born and brewed in New York, Kombrewcha's playful and quirky packaging was re-designed by The Workshop, a full-service creative shop with offices in Miami, NYC and LA.   

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The intention of the re-brand was to show the world the fun side of Kombrewcha while simultaneously introducing the new liquid with a higher ABV. The Workshop created a design that is colorful, cheeky and immediately catches the attention of any consumer passing by.  "We wanted our packaging to reflect not only who we are as a brand, but who we are as a product.  We're truly one of a kind and we wanted our packing to reflect that," says Marketing Director, Kristina Marino.

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The integration of geometric patterns with vibrant colors that represent each flavor variant make the Kombrewcha bottle stand out on shelves among its competitors. A slight revision to an already recognizable logo serves as a focal point on the packaging, and the patterns on the carrying case have been achieved through supporting material to create Instagrammable moments for those who like to socialize without compromise. 

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Kombrewcha uses all natural ingredients - organic black tea, organic cane sugar, organic yeast, and a SCOBY, finished with organic fruit.  It comes in four refreshing flavors - The OG (Original), Berry Hibiscus, Lemongrass Lime, and Royal Ginger - each unique in flavor profile, with real fruit notes.  "For today's consumer, living a healthy lifestyle is just as important as spending time with family and friends, but the beverage industry has yet to catch up. The options are limited when you want to grab a drink, but you don't want to drink-drink. We designed Kombrewcha for those moments," Marino adds.

Bold, fresh, yet always unexpected, Kombrewcha has joined forces with Whole Foods in both New York City and Miami as their key relaunch retail partner, available in - packs of 12 oz. bottles.

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Designed By: The WorkshopCredits: Jourdan Binder; Robby Naim; Mariah Morin; Kristina Marino; Matthew ZachLocation: Miami, FL

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