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Check Out This Friendly Pastel Packaging for a Russian Milk Substitute Brand

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/22/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Moscow-based DDVB created this bubbly pastel packaging for Nemoloko, a dairy alternative.

“Everybody could feel how a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating rituals have become a part of our lives. This trend is growing all over the world and leads to changes in consumer habits. It is obvious that many food producers try to review their range, looking for new niches and potential opportunities. In focus - health benefits, naturalness, functionality, as well as the availability and safety of raw materials. Such trends are observed in all categories, including one of the most popular of them - dairy.”

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“However, despite the fact that dairy products have historically established themselves as a category of proper nutrition, doctors, nutritionists and scientists have been arguing about its usefulness for many years. In the news you can often hear about milk scandals: antibiotics, growth hormones, falsification - all this reinforces the milk category's negativization and makes consumers look for affordable alternatives.”

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“In this situation, the niche of Dairy Alternatives is becoming more attractive. The ‘Sadi Pridonya’ company - the manufacturer of exceptionally healthy products, drew attention to this niche, which is still unsaturated by competitors. Driven by their mission to improve people's quality of life, the company's technologists have developed safe and natural, useful and high-quality oat-based product that can become a full-fledged milk substitute in all consumption situations.

The new brand is designed to become the leader of the Dairy Alternatives niche not yet occupied by major players and to challenge the habitual one. The DDVB team supported this challenge. The source of inspiration in this work was the ambitiousness of the task. It was decided that it would not be just a brand, but a phenomenon that would attract attention with its boldness and potential.”

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“Therefore, the idea of a positive opposition of the brand to the category of dairy products was the basis of the brand's platform. All this is reflected in the brand name and slogan: ‘Nemoloko’ - it is the best alternative to milk, which has nothing in common with dairy products except values.

To further emphasize the naturalness and healthy benefits of Nemoloko in the new design, we abandoned the classic milk attributes on the packaging. No cows, green meadows, gables and country landscapes - only minimalism, cleanliness and simplicity. Each product in the line differs in the color and shape of the bottle, that's why it's very easy to consumer to navigate in different brand tastes and types. The name, packaging, design and communication - all work together to attract the attention of the consumer and maximally distance the brand from its competitors on the milk shelf.”

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Designed By: DDVBLocation: Moscow 

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