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Check Out This Elegantly Designed Trade Book For Sandeman

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/18/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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VOLTA designed the beautiful packaging for wine company Sandeman’s trade presenter.

“With the release of its new bottles and labels in 2017, Sandeman asked VOLTA to help them communicate this change and create a trade presenter that reflected this repackaging.

This is a brand with a long and rich history, spanning more than 225 years of non-stop innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. So we decided to ‘write a book’ where one can learn about Sandeman’s past, present and future. A book-shaped box was designed, containing two of the new bottles. It also included a brochure where we can learn about the brand’s history and product range.”

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“Special care with premium finishings, like textured stock paper, foil stamping, spot gloss varnish, leather straps, Singer sewn binding and a large debossed Sandeman logo, were used in this pack to add a feeling of true craftsmanship and to reflect the dedication we can find in the making of Sandeman’s Porto fine wines.”

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Designed By: VOLTAClient: Sogrape/Sandeman Creative Director: Pedro Vareta Graphic Designer: Pedro Lopes/Rita Bastos Project Manager: Lourenço Vieira Neves Product Designer: Ricardo RibeiroLocation: Portugal