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Featured image for Fortnum & Mason’s Florentines Get a Bold New Look

Fortnum & Mason’s Florentines Get a Bold New Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/16/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Brand design agency Design Bridge is delighted to share details of their latest work re-invigorating a true Fortnum & Mason classic: bold, vibrant new packaging for Fortnum's range of Florentine biscuits. The range has been completely revamped by the retailer to include six exciting new flavours - including pistachio and pomegranate, and orange, lemon and pinenut - calling for packaging as distinctive as the new-look Florentines themselves.   

Chloe Templeman, Creative Director at Design Bridge commented: “Florentines are a biscuit of two contrasting halves: a crunchy, buttery, nutty base and a silky smooth chocolate topping. Our designs are directly inspired by this satisfying clash of textures and also the vivid new colours Fortnum’s has introduced to the range, like bright yellow chocolate topping for the delicious rum, raisin and custard variety.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Taking inspiration from the circular biscuit itself, each of the six packaging designs are a perfect combination of patterns and shapes inspired by the ingredients, such as raisins, pine nuts and pomegranate, mixed with swirls, waves, zig-zags and geometric forms. The colour palette is bold and full of contrasts too, and again expresses the unique personality of each Florentine and the new vibrancy of the new range as a whole. 

Chloe Templeman, Creative Director at Design Bridge continued: “Within this system of playful clashes, we also included layers of detail that bring even more personality to the range. We’ve used foiling, metallic inks and different varnishes to make the packaging feel as tactile as the biscuits themselves. The circular window in the packaging allows people to peek at the product inside and echoes the biscuits shape. We’ve also designed the barcode to look like a bite has been taken out of it…everyone knows that the sign of a good Florentine is the mouth-watering ‘snap’ you get on first bite!”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Design Bridge also worked on a new chocolate mould for the Florentines, inspired by Italian architecture – a nod to the birthplace of the Florentine. Bespoke to Fortnum’s, it gives their range an undulating texture, which is designed to emphasise the taste and experience of the Florentine when biting into it, bringing an additional layer of distinctiveness.  

Yvonne Isherwood, Design Manager at Fortnum & Mason commented: “Our Florentines are a classic Fortnum & Mason product, well-loved by many. We've reinvigorated the range to make them even more delicious and distinctive for our customers, and Design Bridge has done a brilliant job at bringing the energy within the range to life. The packaging demonstrates the unique flavour and personality of each Florentine whilst working together as a whole range. We can’t wait for our customers to try them!" 

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Designed By: Design BridgeLocation: London, UK

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