Featured image for Fiasco Gelato’s 2017 Winter Collection is Bringing All The Holiday Cheer

Fiasco Gelato’s 2017 Winter Collection is Bringing All The Holiday Cheer

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/19/2017 | 6 Minute Read

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Get your sweet tooth ready cause Fiasco Gelato has just released their delicious flavors for their 2017 Winter Collection.

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“Oh, what fun!

With the holiday season among us, our team of gelatieres and designers have curated a Winter Collection for 2017 that celebrates new traditions and timeless favourites with our fans.

Introducing the 4 offerings of the Fiasco 2017 Winter Collection:

Classic Eggnog -  Creating our house-made nog and organic nutmeg truly makes for a unique and authentic flavour for the holiday season - and in our opinion, true perfection!

Chocolate Peppermint - Rich dark cocoa layered with fresh mint oil, come together for pure indulgence.

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Morsels of freshly baked spiced cake blended into our rich cream base, then drizzled with our house-made caramel.

Cranberry Pear Sorbetto - Perfectly tart cranberries woven together with sweet poached pears make this the perfect and refreshing dairy free option this season.”

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“At Fiasco, each of our offerings are made with dedication, innovation and a whole lot of love - striving to create that extraordinary moment for every one of our fans. Every day, our team at Fiasco gathers to craft something delicious for your to enjoy. Have a few laughs, and be passionate about our community while we build something that matters. This year’s Winter Collection bares it all with our signature re-usable pint.” 

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“Featuring a see-through exterior with etched graphics, our fans will have a better chance of sneaking a peek of what is inside; our everlasting commitment to using only the freshest and local ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. To preserve the freshness of each small batch we create, we have chosen to pair our signature pint with our easy to twist, re-sealable, lid.

Showcasing our brand colours, timeless fonts and signature 11 degree Fiasco flag, we wanted to create a sense of familiarity for those who have come to love and connect with us. Featuring animals of the Great Canadian Outdoors, warm colour palette and subtle graphic elements, this year’s offerings are sure to be a favourite in your home.

With every collection comes new obstacles to overcome and exciting beginnings. Our winter collection tagline this year is - ‘Oh, what fun!’” 

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“The design and packaging for our Winter Collection also aligns with this year’s campaign: #SharingHappiness. The intent of this campaign is to get our fans involved in our favourite act of kindness - sharing. Whether it be with your family, friends or co-workers, we believe it is always within us to share the wealth (or gelato) with those who may need it most. There is something so special about unwrapping a gift. Someone knew you would love this, they knew you would smile when you opened this, they wanted to fill you with happiness.We always love to give our fans a little something special. Which is why, this year, you will also be able to scoop up one of our limited edition collectible glass jars at select locations. The perfect gift to treat yo’self with or your loved ones. Without your support, we wouldn’t get to do what we love each and every day. We hope you enjoy every last bit of the offerings we have created for you, you deserve it!” 

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Designed By: Fiasco Gelato

Photography By: Stephanie Landry

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada