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3 Rios Wines Comes With a Unique Interactive Label

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/26/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Portuguese studio Moço Wine Branding has designed the packaging for 3 Rios Wines. This label is unique that in that it provides for an interactive experience for the consumer, as they can peel the label to learn more about the wine and its history.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“3 Rios (3 Rivers) is a wine born in the Minho - Northern region of Portugal from Vinho Verde DOC. This wine was inspired by three rivers and created with the most influent vine varieties from each of these areas. The Minho River with the Alvarinho vine variety, the Loureiro vine variety from the Lima river and the Avesso vine variety from the Douro river. The label ‘invites’ the consumer to discover the rivers using a detachable, looking for an interplay between the consumer and the wine history.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed By: Moço Wine BrandingPhotography: Hugo Pinheiro Print: VoxLocation: Portugal

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