Featured image for Wise Men’s Care Believes in Doing a Lot with Very Little

Wise Men’s Care Believes in Doing a Lot with Very Little

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/11/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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No longer do you have to choose between high quality products or items that are good for the environment—Wise Men’s Care is both! Designed by Ethos, the packaging strips away the unnecessary (just like their products) and instead focuses on doing simple things, simply right.

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“Wise is a line of high-quality, naturally sourced and eco-responsible personal care products for men that intends to revolutionize the personal care industry by proposing changes at several levels: improving product quality by making them more natural and healthy, reducing packaging pollution by limiting the amount of plastic used, and creating products that are more in line with men’s current lifestyles and convictions.”

“The branding is optimistic, intelligent and responsible, reflecting the new conscientious urban lifestyle.”

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“We used a 360° approach to design the company’s offering, covering everything from vision, name, logo, colour palette, product ingredients, a dual packaging line, imaging/branding, copy tone, communications, online sales site, retail sales tools and delivery tools. The smallest details have been carefully planned to reflect the company’s healthy, eco-friendly philosophy to ensure that every point of contact with the brand evokes this new lifestyle ideal.”

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“Our dual packaging line is a unique industry concept. Each product is offered in two different containers: an elegant, reusable glass bottle designed for the jet-setting consumer, and a minimalist, robust cardboard version aimed at the urban outdoorsman. These two options can also be combined, with the minimalist containers being used to refill the glass bottles. The result is an offer that multiplies the consumer’s possibilities, allowing him to personalize the way he uses each Wise product.”

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“Below are our communications that tie in with the line launch. The product line is scheduled for expansion next spring.”

“Wise: a company with big ideas that is doing a lot with very little. Join the movement!”

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Designed by: Ethos

Brand strategy and positionning: Rachel Lecompte & Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)

Creative Direction: Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)

French Copywriting: Rachel Lecompte (Ethos)

English Copywriting: Ellen Teitelbaum

Packaging design: Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)

Photography: Samuel Pasquier & LM Chabot

Video Animation: Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)

Online Video: Maxime Lapointe

Hair Styling: Simon Chercuitte

Country: Canada

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